Why holistic branding matters even more now!

To be fair, it’s always mattered, but because of Covid’s impact on commerce it is particularly important to pay attention to now.

When was the last time you reviewed your brand within your marketing strategy?

If you haven’t done it within the last year then that’s too long.

Branding is more than just your logo. It’s everything that comes into contact with your potential clients from your logo, tagline, colours, images, words and how the online and/or offline designs bring these elements together.


Holistic branding is taking into account everything you put out in the world and every touch point you have with a client and making sure those experiences align with your company’s commitment.

But what does that really mean?

Your brand should encompass everything that you want to represent your business. It should help your company to connect to clients the same way people connect with each other. To do this well you need to consider your brand from an internal and an external point of view.

Part of a holistic branding approach is to start off with the internal parts of the business; the staff, the work ethic and ethos, and the customer journey and experience. Do they align with how you want to be seen in the world. If your website is engaging and connects with your clients but their experience buying from you is poor then you will loose sales. A holistic brand helps you retain clients and make them advocates of your business but it also helps you retain staff and keep their enthusiasm for working for you high.

Once you have identified your purpose for being in business and you have your internal processes aligned to that purpose then it’s time to look at the external points of contact and make sure they offer the same message.

Who is your target audience

Start off by creating an in-depth study of your customer avatar. Identify all that you can about them from where they live (online and offline) which other brands are they advocates of, the problems they have that you can solve and what are their turn-ons and turn-offs additionally what/who are their influencers and how can you reach them too?

From there you can start to develop your visual content because it’s all about the emotional connection now.

Develop brand and marketing materials that speak to them directly. They will identify with your messages as though they are personal recommendations and because of this connection they will be more likely to conduct business with you (after all, your business is an extension of their friend network, no-one wants to let down a friend).

The emotional connection

People have always bought from people. When their decisions are based on how they feel instead of what they know business personification through brand is a fantastic way to capitalise on this.

To have a really powerful brand you also need to ensure that your branding is consistent across all your marketing channels? Consistency is key to trust.

Combining photography, video and graphic design into a narrative that hits home with the consumer will put you on a higher level than your competition.

…and competition is more fierce than it used to be, regardless of the industry you are in. Great branding as part of your marketing strategy is how to do this.


Connecting with people on an emotional level means offering them authenticity. The brand should align with your ideals but also offer vulnerability too. Show your clients who you and your staff are. Let them know about your highs and lows. These conversations on social media or your blog promote discussion and give people a reason to share your experiences with others.

Where to start

A yearly review of your branding will help you know if what you have is working with your audience. The language, logo, colours and visual content on each of your business channels should be aligned with your business aims and your customer’s personality. Include staff profiles and give the business a personality which can be conveyed to your audience and connect with them. When done well this turns your customers into fans who will spread your message much further than you can on your own.

How Can I help you?

As a business owner, an experienced photographer and graphic designer who has a background in marketing and communications, I understand what businesses need for their marketing campaigns and I have the experience to know how to maximise your budget for brand content. I offer a range of services tailored towards whichever stage of the branding process you are in, from personal brand portraits of the people in your business to creating a campaign’s worth of image content for that hungry beast we know as social media.

Get in touch with me to find out how I can help make your brand a success.