Lifestyle Portraits

What are lifestyle portraits?

Lifestyle portraits show you in a more natural and normal life setting. They are supposed to be candid can capture your “lifestyle”.

Lifestyle portraits are perfect for celebrating life milestones such as moving house or getting engaged. They show the real you and because of this are so much more valuable as a way to remember great times in your life.

Lifestyle portraits are also a fantastic addition to your personal branding images. Let your audience discover you in a natural, candid and contemporary portrait.

I’m fascinated by portraits. They can make you feel like you’ve know someone forever when you only looked at the image for a moment. I love the process. Meeting for the first time. talking about what we want to achieve and realising that idea as a single moment in time through collaboration and genuine human connection.

Film photography adds another level of nostalgia and charm to a portrait. I shoot both 35mm and medium format films. I love the way it slows the process down and makes each button press meaningful. The final images feel like treasure when shot that way.

Portraits on film

Film photography has definitely taken a back seat to digital but for all the advances digital cameras have made photographs on film still have a quality that just can’t be replicated digitally.